Hai hai

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Hai hai

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Alpha Surveillance F The Hai are an alien species that resides in a separate group of colonies to the east of the Far North.

Uniquely, Hai hai is one of the first alien species you can visit without a jump drive, via the wormhole that links Ultima Thule to Waypoint. They are generally friendly to humans, letting them coexist with them. They are squirrel-like, but are around the size of humans.

They are apparently extremely long-lived compared to humans, as one "elderly-looking Hai" claims to be hundreds of years old. The Hai are not completely peaceful. They are split into two factions: The Unfettered constantly Hai hai the Hai for resources and territory, forcing the Hai to fight back in self-defense.

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Contents [ show ] History According to the "regular" Hai, they were as warlike a species as humans in times long past. They constantly fought civil wars, but eventually came to realize that they would be better off with a small collection of colonies rather than the immense freedom enjoyed by humans.

Some time in their history, the Hai were invaded by an alien species, the Korath.

Watch Video Online Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Full Episodes of Star Plus They can happen due to treatment in hospitals and other healthcare facilities including outpatient surgery centers, dialysis centers, long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and community clinics. They can also occur during the course of treatment at home.

To protect their homelands, some brave Hai, who would later become the Unfettered, rose up to resist the invaders. The invasion lasted for decades, but then abruptly ended. Most Hai were glad to return to their peaceful lives, but some Hai found life to be boring and meaningless without the excitement and unpredictability of war, and so they settled worlds in the extreme north of Hai space, forming their own faction, the Unfettered Hai.


Closer to modern times, the Hai were eventually visited by "humans": Because of the their extreme innate hostility towards other species, the Alphas tried to take advantage of the Hai, whom they deemed to be weak because of their peacefulness, but were overwhelmed and banned from Hai space.

Later, the Hai were visited by regular humans, who showed the Hai that not all humans are evil.

Attributes The Hai resemble human-sized squirrels. They are very energetic, and prefer chaotic lands over calm worlds. All of the Hai ships are named after some type of invertebrate creature that may or may not make up part of a Hai diet.

Technology The Hai are designed to be a "tier 1.In hac habitasse platea dictumst.

Hai hai

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Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are infections that patients acquire while receiving treatment for medical or surgical conditions.

Hui Hai recorded his initial interview with Ma Tsu (see left column), which shows the humor, confrontational style and ability to go directly to the heart of the problem typical of the enlightened man who is also a teacher.

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