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Resistance also served as part of Thoreau's metaphor comparing the government to a machine: On Civil Disobedience is another common title.

Granada essay

The genus has also been divided into subgenera. Hundreds of form, variety, and aberration names are used among Morpho species and subspecies. One lepidopterist [3] includes all such species within a single genus, and synonymized many names in a limited number of species.

Two other lepidopterists [4] use a phylogenetic analysis with different nomenclature. Other authorities accept many more species.

Granada essay

Coloration[ edit ] Iridescent colors of Morpho butterflies are caused by the specific nanostructures on their wings SEM image at the bottom. These colors are not a result of pigmentationbut are an example of iridescence through structural coloration.

The wide-angle blue reflection property can be explained by exploring the nanostructures in the scales of the morpho butterfly wings. Christmas tree-like shaped ridges, alternating lamellae layers or "branches"and a small height offset between neighboring ridges.

The Christmas tree-like pattern helps to reduce the directionality of the reflectance by creating an impedance matching for blue wavelengths.

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This structure may be likened to a photonic crystal. The lamellate structure of their wing scales has been studied as a model in the development of biomimetic fabrics, dye-free paints, and anticounterfeit technology used in currency.

The iridescent lamellae are only present on the dorsal sides of their wings, leaving the ventral sides brown. The ventral side is decorated with ocelli eyespots.

In some species, such as M. While not all morphos have iridescent coloration, they all have ocelli. In most species, only the males are colorful, supporting the theory that the coloration is used for intrasexual communication between males.

The eyes of morpho butterflies are thought to be highly sensitive to UV light, so the males are able to see each other from great distances. Some South American species are reportedly visible to the human eye up to one kilometer away.

Also, a number of other species exist which are tawny orange or dark brown for instance M.

Granada essay

Some species are white, principal among these being M. An unusual species, fundamentally white in coloration, but which exhibits a stunning pearlescent purple and teal iridescence when viewed at certain angles, is the rare M.

Some Andean species are small and delicate M.

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Among the metallic blue Morpho species, M. Celebrated author and lepidopterist Vladimir Nabokov described their appearance as "shimmering light-blue mirrors".

In some species for instance M. In other species for instance M.

One of the chief contributing causes of the Second World War was the Treaty of Versailles (June, ), that officially ended the First World War. Its main terms were surrender of ALL German colonies in Africa and the Far East, which would be mandated to Britain, France, Belgium, South Africa, Japan. Granada was in the eleventh century the center of Sephardic civilization at its peak, and from until Granada was a powerful Jewish state. Jews did not hold the foreigner . Resistance to Civil Government (Civil Disobedience) is an essay by American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau that was first published in In it, Thoreau argues that individuals should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that they have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice.

Atlantic Forest in Paraguay Morpho butterflues inhabit the primary forests of the Amazon and Atlantic. They also adapted to breed in a wide variety of other forested habitats — for instance, the dry deciduous woodlands of Nicaragua and secondary forests.

Biology[ edit ] Morphos are diurnalas males spend the mornings patrolling along the courses of forest streams and rivers. They are territorial and chase any rivals. Morphos typically live alone, excluding in the mating season. The genus Morpho is palatable, but some species such as M.

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Behavior[ edit ] Morphos have a very distinctive, slow, bouncy flight pattern due to the wing area being enormous relative to the body size. The entire lifecycle of the morpho butterfly, from egg to death, is about days.The descendants of Jews who left Spain or Portugal after the expulsion are referred to as Sephardim.

The word “Sephardim” comes from the Hebrew word for Spain, Sepharad, that is stated in the Bible.. It is believed that Jews have lived in Spain since the era of King Solomon (c B.C.E.).Little information can be found on these Jews until the beginning of the first century.

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The Alhambra Palace – a photo essay The Alhambra Palace in Granada has been the most visited monument in Spain over the last 5 years. In alone 3, people . The morpho butterflies comprise many species of Neotropical butterfly under the genus genus includes over 29 accepted species and accepted subspecies, found mostly in South America, Mexico, and Central America.

Morpho wingspans range from cm ( in) for M. rhodopteron to 20 cm ( in) for M. hecuba, the imposing sunset name morpho, meaning "changed" or. Granada, Spain. Granada is a metropolis in southern Spain known widely for its beauty and architectural impressiveness.

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The Alhambra palace - a photo essay in Granada, Spain